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What you first need to know
EGAC (European Gold Athletics Club) is a recognised Athletics (Track and Field) club affiliated with Queensland Athletics.

EGAC membership allows members to compete at all Queensland Athletics (QA) {state}, Athletics Australia (AA) {national} and International Athletics Association Federation (IAAF) {international} competitions and events.

There are different membership options available depending on the level and frequency of which you want to compete. 

 All registrations must be made through the Queensland Athletics registration page. When registering you will be asked to select or specify the club that you wish to be a member of; this is when you select or specify  EGAC. 

 The Registration Fees are important as they cover the cost associated with your insurance and registration with Queensland Athletics, our parent body.

You must register every season (year). Each registration period starts on the 1st of October and ends on the 30th of September the following year.

To register, go:
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